About This Service

Japan.Free Wi-Fi KYOTO is a Wi-Fi service provided by businesses in cooperation with Kyoto City. It is free for everyone to use at any time.

How to Use

  1. Select SSID

    On your Wi-Fi setting screen, select the “Japan._Free_Wi-Fi_KYOTO” SSID.

  2. Afterwards, launch your Internet browser to display the portal screen. (Select a language as necessary
    (Japanese/English/Korean/Chinese (Simplified)/Chinese (Traditional)).)

The connection method may vary depending on the access point.

When “DoSPOT Terms of Service” is displayed

  1. After accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use, on the email address entry screen, enter your email address.
  2. You can use Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO.

Terms and Conditions of Use:
NTT Media Supply Co., Ltd.

When “Wi2 Free Wi-Fi Service Terms of Service” is displayed

  1. Select “Log-in with SNS account authentication” or “Log-in with email address authentication”.
  • When SNS account authentication is selected

  • Enter your SNS account information (ID and password).
    * You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo!JAPAN account.
  • After authentication is complete, Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO is available.
  • When email address authentication is selected

  • Enter your email address to temporarily register.
  • An email with a URL link for main registration will be sent to the temporarily registered email address. Click the link to complete main registration.
  • Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO is available.

* There is no communication cost because the Internet connection required for authentication uses the Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO connection environment. However, after temporarily registering (step 1), if main registration (step 3) is not completed within 5 minutes, the Internet connection will be cut off.
Also, once main registration is completed, Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO can be used for 1 month simply by sending your email address (performing step 1 without performing step 2).
* Click here for further usage details.

Terms and Conditions of Use : WIRE AND WIRELESS

About Using This Service

Read the following Terms and Conditions of Use before using Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO.
By using this service, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

– Precautions when Using This Service

Data transmitted through the Japan. Free Wi-Fi KYOTO service is not encrypted and may be intercepted. (Please refrain from inputting sensitive information such as IDs, passwords and credit card information.)
Also, this service does not use a filtering system to block harmful websites. We ask that users be aware of these facts and exercise appropriate caution.
Therefore, make sure that you understand these precautions and take full responsibility when using this service.

Kyoto Prefectural Government Tourism Office

Yabunouchi-cho, Nishiiru, Shinmachi, Shimodachiuri-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 602-8570